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Welcome to Puddle Moon! 

Joining forces with beautiful shops is always very exciting. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page found in the menu above. Before you get ordering please take a moment to read some of the basic need to knows outlined below. 

Happy browsing!

How long?

Wholesale products are made to order. Please allow up to three weeks for orders to be posted.

How much?

For new stockists the initial order must be a minimum of $200 (excluding postage), however later orders have no minimum size.


To make an order please send through an order list via email or through the contact section of this website. The email must outline the names of the products you would like to order, and their quantity. 


Refunds are not offered, however if a product arrives broken or damaged send a photograph within 24 hours of the product's arrival. Upon receiving the photograph a postal address will be sent to you to return the damaged item and upon its arrival a replacement will be send out to you. 

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