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In and Of 

In & Of  explores the personal and bodily relationship to place. Through immersive installation elements, the work invites audience members to be folded into the artwork that holds them, positioning the body itself as one of the materials which makes up place. This installation seeks to deconstruct traditional ‘landscape’ depictions, which often position the audience outside of the landscape looking in, and instead explores themes of place as experienced from the inside.

The In and Of exhibition was shown at Singleton Arts and Cultural Centre, and represented the culmination of my PhD research, which investigates how contemporary art can be used to represent ideas of the self as part of place. When the audience enter this exhibition, they become a part of it. They are invited to walk around, to sit and stay, or even to lay down. In & Of acknowledges the way that humans are part of nature, and that we ourselves are materials from which places are made. You are welcome to stay in the work as long as you like, and enjoy what it is to be in, and of, place.

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